Personal Insurance

More than two decades of experience meeting the personal and family insurance needs of all kinds.

Every family and every individual—old, young, married, single, employed or retired—needs to select an insurance portfolio to match their exposure to risk, their financial means, and their desire for peace of mind.

Some types of personal insurance are required by law, others by financial institutions, and still others by individual preference or common sense.

Our professional consultants can analyze your needs for protection, adjust coverage to your individual lifestyle and preferences, and then help you select the best package of policies from the country's top insurance companies.

Personal and family insurances from New Castle Insurance, Ltd. are supported by professionals who help you expedite claims, maintain emergency coverage, and keep your portfolio in tune with current needs. All policy and accounting information is computerized in our offices, speeding our response time and providing clients with immediate action on insurance matters.

Our long-term clients tell us that dealing with a New Castle Insurance, Ltd. professional takes the chore out of managing their insurance portfolio and settling claims. We take pride in bringing that important "comfort factor" to the insurance transaction, and consider it a key value of dealing with the New Castle Insurance, Ltd. organization.