The Emergency Services
Division of NCI

We understand the day-to-day trials and tribulations, and our ability to service your company is what sets us apart from other brokers and agents.

At New Castle Insurance we pride ourselves on having experienced insurance brokers and agents, as well as knowing your business of providing Emergency Services to the public. As the Regional Director of Volunteer Firemen's Insurance Services, we have over 50 years of experience in Emergency Services Operations. We know the hazards, pit falls, as well as the satisfaction that your volunteer service provides. We also understand your need for professional services to protect your fire fighters, EMT’s, social members, and ladies auxiliary members. We understand these needs because we stand behind you, next to you, and in front of you on a daily basis. As we are well aware budgets are stretched farther and farther each year, we strive to provide the proper coverage at the most economical cost.

The Delaware Emergency Service is a 24 hour a day operation, and so are we.



Kristin Scholl
VFIS Insurance Advisor
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Kelly Day
VFIS Account Executive
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